Consulting Services

Health and safety is of paramount importance to Safety Comp Services. Our Health and Safety Consultants invest a great deal of time helping you meet your health and safety requirements.  We work with you to implement a health and safety system to control risk and hazards for a safer more efficient workplace. This ensures that employees are aware of the potential risks around them and the correct way to deal with them.

As an industry leader in health and safety, Safety Comp Services specializes in industrial, institutional, construction and project safety management serving all industries across North America. Safety Comp Services provides services to small and large companies, property management groups, developers, industrial facilities, general contractors and trade contractors.

Our range of services includes construction safety management, health and safety manual development, training on safe work practices, full-time on-site construction safety assurance, site inspections, health and safety pre-qualification reviews, safety orientation training, and ad hoc assistance in response to incidents, government orders and dispute resolution.

Our consulting services can be tailored to meet your specific needs in the areas of:

Health and Safety Services

    Workplace Safety Managemenet

  • Policies, Programs and Procedures
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Guidance
  • Project Safety Planning

  • GAP Analysis
  • Contractor Safety Pre-qualification Reviews
  • Pre-Project Risk Assessments
  • Ergonomics
  • Inspections, Audits and Evaluations

  • Site Safety Inspections
  • On-site Safety Advisors
  • Safety Audits
  • Workwell Audit/ Risk Management Plan
  • Accident Investigations and Reporting

  • Incident/ Accident Investigation
  • Resources

  • Safety Comp Services Newsletter
  • Resources

Environmental Services

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